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Thereafter our paths radically diverged. I received a fellowship from the German government to study the resurrection of Jesus under the direction of Wolfhart Pannenberg and Ferdinand Hahn at the University of Munich and at Cambridge University. As a result of my studies, I became even more convinced of the historical credibility of that event. Of course, ever since my conversion, I believed in the resurrection of Jesus on the basis of my personal experience, and I still think this experiential approach to the resurrection is a perfectly valid way to knowing that Christ has risen. It’s the way that most Christians today know that Jesus is risen and alive. But as a result of my studies, I came to see that a remarkably good case can be made for Jesus’ resurrection historically as well, and I hope to show tonight that the resurrection of Jesus is the best explanation of certain well-established facts about Jesus.

Therefore we encourage people to be transformed (Rom 12:1-2) by becoming fully mature in Christ (Col 1:28-29), by becoming people of prayer and experiencing intimacy with God (John 15:5-8), by striving for holiness (I Thess 4:7-8), and by becoming part of loving Christian relationships (Acts 2:42-47). This happens in many ways at First United Methodist Church, including our Sunday School classes and small group Bible studies where we grow closer to God and care for one another.

Dr. Know - Plug-In JesusDr. Know - Plug-In JesusDr. Know - Plug-In JesusDr. Know - Plug-In Jesus


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