Stone roses, the - crimson tonight

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It felt just perfect to be there with a band that I knew were just about to release one the greatest albums of the decade.

On Wednesday night, the Roses founds themselves up against the conundrum faced by big bands since the Beatles: after honing their craft and building their reputation in smaller venues, they are suddenly so popular they have to play in sheds. There were moments at the first of four Etihad shows that were beyond stellar – not least the massed communal celebrations in This Is the One and I Am The Resurrection – but the Halifax gig felt that little bit more special. The acts that work best in stadiums embrace showmanship, but the Stone Roses are not one of those bands. The Etihad show had nice lighting and giant John Squire artwork projections on the stage, and it was nice to hear the band’s sterling musicianship not drowned out by a cheering audience, but sans visual extravaganzas, the more delicate songs became even more slight.

Stone Roses, The - Crimson TonightStone Roses, The - Crimson TonightStone Roses, The - Crimson TonightStone Roses, The - Crimson Tonight

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